Task Force Digital Teaching

Handouts of the Task Force Digital Teaching


The Taskforce Digital Teaching has worked on several handouts and recommendations for the summer semester 2020 that are published here. The handouts and recommendations on different aspects of digital  teaching and learning that came up in the summer semester 2020 and were brought to the attention of the Taskforce.

The list will be updated regularly. We upload the most recent version of each document.

As these papers and positions relate to an ongoing process, they are subject to change. You will find the most up-to date version here (the abstracts and documents are marked dd.mm.yyyy, v.* (version).

Please note that the documents are only available in German.


01. Reccomendations for Recording Videos (pdf)

This handout is meant for teaching staff. It offers an overview on different ways how to record teaching materials (videos, screen casting, podcasts) and how to record meetings (meetings without an audience, recording live meetings).

It is explained briefly how your can record while acknowledging given technical and legal aspects (privacy issues, copyright issues, inclusion).

4 pages, reading time approx. 5 minutes (11.05.2020 v.1)


02. Recommendations on How to Use Zoom in HU Courses (pdf)

This handout shows how you can use HU Zoom in a way that it acknowledges data protection laws.

In ten easy steps you can learn about the rights and duties that hosts and participants have in HU Zoom Meetings and how you can deal with the issue of recording sessions.

2 pages, reading time approx. 2 minutes (11.05.2020, v.2) 


03. Abstimmungen mit HU-ZOOM (pdf)

This handout shows how you can use HU Zoom to vote or to do polls. It will be only available in German. 

Die Handreichung beschreibt die technischen Voraussetzungen, wie Stimmberechtigte von anderen Teilnehmenden abgetrennt, Abstimmungen grundsätzlich angelegt und dokumentiert werden. In den letzten drei Punkten geht es um die Umsetzung als geheime, namentliche oder offene Abstimmung.

3 pages, reading time approx. 3 minutes (26.06.2020, v.2)


04. Pedagogic Recommendations (pdf)

This Handout focuses on pedagogic/didactic scenarios for teaching online. It was written to support teachers, who begin to teach online. We inform about the most important topics and questions (requirements of teaching online, asynchronous/syncronous teaching, communication/netiquette etc.).

If you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to our ticket system and we will get back to you as soon as possible: digitale-lehre@hu-berlin.de.

5 pages, reading time approx. 7 minutes (29.04.2020, v.1)


05. Using Zoom Meetings for Webinars (pdf)

CMS holds a number of licenses to do webinars with more than 300 participants. We often get asked, if it is possible to use the webinar mode with less participants. This handout shows you how you can configure a Zoom meeting in such way that it corresponds the webinar mode.

6 pages, reading time approx. 4 minutes (03.09.2020, v.1)


06. Copyright (pdf)

This handout shows how you can mark your own teaching materials with a copyright mark. It will be only available in German.

Teaching staff can mark the teaching materials, which they have created themselves, with a copyright notice. This handout summarizes the legal situation regarding copyright for teaching and makes a proposal for the copyright notice.

2 pages, reading time 3 minutes (17.09.2020, v.1)