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Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies

Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies

One of the key aims of the Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies is to foster an international network of academic departments and other institutes that are active in metropolitan researches. Currently, the Geography Department, the Institute of European Ethnology and the Institute of Sociology are the foundation of the Georg-Simmel Center. The center is also intended to refer to current issues of metropolitan politics, planning and to contribute to these in multiple ways, for example, through the organization of academic events or publication of specialized papers.



Call: Hartmut-Häußermann-Prize "Social City" 2021

Until 20. February 2021 monographies concerning questions of social and cultural inclusion an exclusion in cities can be sent to the GSZ post address

The complete call can be found here.

Call: Georg-Simmel-Prize and students conference 2021

Until 3. March 2021 students can send in their Bachelor and Master thesis to the GSZ through the suggestion of their supervisors.

The complete call can be found here.

Midterm Conference Sociology of Migration

On the 21. and 22. January the TU Berlin will hold the ESA's research network 35 "Sociology of Migration" conference. In cooperation with the IMISCOE Standing Committee the topic of reflexivity in migration research was chosen.

More information here.

Interview by the rbb with Prof. Dr Talja Blokland on the pandemics consequences on Berlin and its inhabitants

Where many people live close together, the virus spreads particularly quickly, they say. The rbb asked: What is it like to live under these conditions in a Neukölln social housing neighborhood? Urban sociologist Talja Blokland says: We should definitely not get used to empty streets.
The interview can be heard here.

New project: Urban Citizenship-Making in Times of Crisis

We are looking forward to the start of a new project on the socio-politcal consequences of the COVID-crisis. Dr Henrik Lebuhn (Berlin), Dr Nir Cohen (Tel Aviv) and Dr Tatiana Fogelman (Copenhagen) will research in comparative case studies which role neighborhood initaitves play under pandemic restriction especially for migrants. The project is financed by Volkswagen as a part of the "Corona Crisis and Beyond - Perspectives for Sciece, Scholarship and Society" program.

GSZ and SFB1265 started survey about life during Covid19

Strict restrictions on contact, the closure of restaurants, bars and cultural institutions, the loss of professional existences - the measures to contain the corona pandemic have had a major impact on our everyday lives.  To this end, an online survey for Berlin and the surrounding area was launched on July 20, at https://corona.hu-berlin.de.

Both page and survey can be accessed in German, English, Turkish and Arabic.

  • Student urban research group is looking for participants

    In their current project, the student (urban) research group at the GSZ is dealing with the relationship between alternative food systems and so-called "informal urbanization". In the context of this project, the group is looking for students who would like to participate in the project with different case studies from the Global South.

    A call in German language can be found here. First Meeting: October 15, 2020.

    Contact: goeznicolas@gmail.com

  • Student Conference at the Georg-Simmel-Center
    We are happy to announce Leonie Thies the winner for the best Bachelor thesis and Leoni J. Kesklinkılıç the winner for the best Master thesis.

  • Scientific Advisory Board
    The Council of the GSZ has decided to establish a scientific advisory board, which is responsible for our Centre in the near future. 

  • Prof. Dr. Felicitas Hillmann
    From June 2020 Felicitas Hillmann will be a guest at GSZ. Her research interests are at which points migration and urban development practice (can) produce social innovations and how changed mobility regimes have an impact on cities. www.felicitashillmann.com

  • Study in Cooperation with TU Berlin
    The GSZ together with the TU Berlin participated in the special tender Grand Challenge Pandemic of the Berlin University Alliance and developed the project "Getting things done in a city on hold. How SARS-COV-2 affected practices of urban care".

  • GSZ goes Twitter
    The Georg-Simmel-Center is now on Twitter! Visit our new account and follow to always stay up to date with our work.

  • Why we should stop acting like teachers at home
    Prof. Talja Blokland has written a blog post for Friedrichs Bildungsbolg. Find the whole article online here.
  • Urban sociological voices on the Corona crisis
    In an interview for the Berliner Zeitung ("Großsiedlungen: Hier treffen Ausgangsbeschränkungen die  Berliners besonders hart") and in the Urban Political Podcast ("Inequalities of the Lockdown"), Prof. Dr. Talja Blokland spoke about the effects of the Corona crisis in the city. 


Think and Drink Series

Check our weekly Think and Drink Lectures every semester, organzed in cooperation with the Urban and Regional Sociology Department. 
Find the last semester's programm attached.