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Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies


TACT – International Research on Art, Culture and the City

It does not even take Banksy to find a strong link between city and art. TACT / International Research on Art, Culture and the City is an international network that brings together research on art, culture and the city. Involving academics, artists, activists and students, it creates a platform for investigating urban imaginaries from the perspective of art and the city, artists and public space, and the urban interventionism of street art and grassroots activism. TACT involves people from different disciplinary backgrounds including urban anthropology, sociology, art history, urban history, geography, architecture and art. Through an international comparative focus across cities such as Berlin, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Budapest, and St. Petersburg, it aims to generate innovative new dialogues between post-socialist, global or globalizing cities.

More information you may find on the blog of TACT: http://theartistandthecity.blogspot.de/