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Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies

Student Conference

The student conference of the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Research (GSZ) serves as a networking platform for an interdisciplinary exchange
between young academics with an interest in urban research. During the conference all participants have the opportunity to present their thesis and discuss current issues of metropolitan research.

The best work is awarded with a monetary reward of 250 Euro for the best bachelor thesis and 500 Euro for the best master thesis, subject to the condition that the degree was obtained at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the final examination was passed with a minimum grade of 2.0.

Winners of the Georg Simmel Prize since 2012



Susanna Raab (Master of Arts)

Stéphanie-Fabienne Lacombe (Bachelor of Arts)



Lena Abstiens und Lin Hierse (Master of Arts)

Christop Schiebe (Bachelor of Arts)

Janine Hauer (Master of Arts)

Florian Buchmayr (Bachelor of Arts)

Paul Neupert (Master of Arts)

Svenja Linnemann (Bachelor of Arts)

Hanna Schilling (Master of Arts)

Manuel Rickert (Bachelor of Arts)

Petra Beck (Magister)

Henriette Haase (Bachelor of Arts)

Jonas Koch (Bachelor of Arts)

Peter van Gielle Ruppe (Master of Arts)

Moritz Wichmann (Bachelor of Arts)