Crossing Borders – Border Crossings


Bakos Jarrett, Petra

Affiliation: Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest

Dissertationstitel: Borderlands-bodies: Narrating Eastern European Corporealities

Präsentationstitel: Borderlands, Wastelands


Becan, Elif

Affiliation: Centre d’Études Turques, Ottomanes, Balkaniques et Centrasiatiques, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris

Dissertationstitel: The categorization of the outsiders and post-imperial citizenship in Turkey. The case of populations of Albanian origin (1920–1980)

Präsentationstitel: The post-imperial citizenship of muhacirs in contemporary Turkey


Delius, Anna

Affiliation: International Graduate School Human Rights Under Pressure, Free University Berlin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dissertationstitel: Human Rights in Times of Transition – The Concepts of Human Rights in Spain and Poland 1975–1993

Präsentationstitel: The Concepts of Human Rights in Spain and Poland 1975–1993


Dolghin, Dana

Affiliation: School for Heritage and Memory Studies, University of Amsterdam

Dissertationstitel: Negotiating transnationalism and memory culture in Romania (2004–2014)

Präsentationstitel: Constitutional patriotism and localizing memory


Fisher, Gaëlle

Affiliation: University of Augsburg

Dissertationstitel: Locating Germanness: Bukovina and Bukovinians after the Second World War

Präsentationstitel: Bukovina in history and memory: lieu de memoire, lieu d'oubli, lieu de vie


Fotiadis, Ruža

Affiliation: Chair for South-East European History, Humboldt University Berlin

Dissertationstitel: Traditional Friends and Orthodox Brothers – The Making of the Greek-Serbian Friendship in the 1990s

Präsentationstitel: Common Borders and Contested Bulwarks – The Greek-Serbian Friendship in the 1990s


Frysztacka, Clara Maddalena

Affiliation: Research assistant at Lehrstuhl Europäische Zeitgeschichte seit 1945, University of Siegen

Dissertationstitel: Nationale Geschichte zwischen drei Imperien schreiben? Geschichtskultur(en) am Ende des langen 19. Jahrhunderts in der polnischsprachigen Presse der drei Teilungsgebiete

Präsentationstitel: Imaginating the nation beyond imperial borders


Goleşteanu, Raluca

Affiliation: Institute of History Tadeusz Manteuffel, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

Dissertationstitel: Roads to Europe: Debates on Westernization and Modernization in Romania and in Habsburg Galicia, 1866–1914

Präsentationstitel: The Phantom-Borders at Work in Transylvania and Western Ukraine: a Representation of the Interaction between Historicism and Nostalgia


Guidi, Andreas

Affiliation: Chair for South-East European History, Humboldt University Berlin

Dissertationstitel: Generations in flux: Youth and the political transition from Ottoman to Italian rule in Rhodes, 1890–1940

Präsentationstitel: Patterns of Household, Marriage and Fertility from Late Ottoman to Italian rule in Rhodes. The emergence of a modern family?


Jovanović, Jelena

Affiliation: Research assistant at the Humanitarian Law Center, Belgrade

Masterarbeitstitel: Yugoslav crisis and the wars in the testimony of Lord David Owen before the ICTY

Präsentationstitel: Refugees and Memories of Borders in Western Balkan


Kaşlı, Zeynep Ülker

Affiliation: Near and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Washington, Seattle

Dissertationstitel: (Re)Bordering Territory and Citizenship along the Greek-Turkish borderland

Präsentationstitel: Encounters in the Security Field: From Militarizing to Policing the Borders


Keller, Lukas

Affiliation: International Graduate School Human Rights Under Pressure, Free University Berlin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dissertationstitel: Birth of the Security State. World War I and the German Home Front

Präsentationstitel: The Invincible Boundaries Within. Enemy Aliens in World War I Germany


Mihajlova, Elena

Affiliation: Assistant professor of International public law, Faculty of Law, Skopje

Dissertationstitel: Cultural Identity and Hate Crimes

Präsentationstitel: Maintaining the boundaries between the cultural groups


Nedyalkova Nedelcheva, Valentina

Affiliation: Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

Dissertationstitel: Border Identities in Bosilegrad and Dimitrovgrad (Republic of Serbia). Ethnological aspects

Präsentationstitel: Here and beyond - aspects of everyday reality on the Bulgarian-Serbian border


Radović, Srdjan

Affiliation: Research assistant at the Institute of Ethnography, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade

Dissertationstitel: City-Text and Identity Construction

Präsentationstitel: Symbolic Borders in South-East Europe – New/Old Politics of (Intra)Urban Division


Sardžoska, Nataša

Affiliation: University of Tübingen, University of Bergamo, University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle

Dissertationstitel: From shifting borders towards liminal boundaries: The nomadic capture of morphing contouring spaces in the artwork and lives of some expatriated former Yugoslavian artists and writers

Präsentationstitel: Misplacing the Charts: Disintegrating Post-Yugoslavian Cultural Boundaries and Dissolving Borders in the Migration Artwork of Tanja Ostojić


Säre, Margit

Affiliation: Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation, Project Euborderregions, Tartu

Präsentationstitel: Civil society and cross border cooperation in the Estonian-Russian border area


Siewior, Kinga

Affiliation: Department of Anthropology of Literature and Cultural Studies, Jagiellonian University, Cracow

Dissertationstitel: Literature of the Regained Territories (and its Continuations) towards the Migrant Experience and Politics of Memory in Post-War Poland

Präsentationstitel: Nation Unrooted. Social and Ideological Frameworks of the Western Borderlands Discourse and the Settlement Campaign in Post-Jaltan Poland


Stankovic, Snezana

Affiliation: Institut für Slawistik, Humboldt University of Berlin

Dissertationstitel: Funeral customs in multiethnic areas - German cemeteries in Vojvodina and its fate over the course of the 20th and the 21th century

Präsentationstitel: Pastness Written in Stone: Salonica Front


Tahir, Nuri Ali

Affiliation: Lecturer and Visiting Fellow at the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, University of Texas, Austin

Dissertationstitel: Minority Rights in Bulgaria and Greece and the Impact of European Integration

Präsentationstitel: Bulgarian-Greek Borderlands: Physical Borders versus Mental Boundaries


Usakiewicz, Krzysztof

Affiliation: Faculty Artes Liberales, Warsaw University

Dissertationstitel: Classical tradition in popular literature in the Balkans in the 18th and 19th centuries

Präsentationstitel: A popular literature as a determinant of the borderland


Zisis, Christos

Affiliation: Department of Folklore Studies/Cultural Anthropology, Museum Studies, University of Hamburg

Dissertationstitel: Visual and Material displays of Greek Migration Histor(ies) in Museums/Exhibitions. Towards collaborative museum work with immigration communities

Präsentationstitel: Visual and Material displays of Migration Histor(ies) in Museums/Exhibitions. Tresspassing the museological borders. (Case study: Greek Gastarbeiter and the New Greek Crisis migration in Germany)