Religion – Knowledge – Discourse


On behalf of the RKD program and everyone involved in the organization of this workshop, we extend our deep gratitude to all participants for their interest and involvement, and especially for their contributions which made this both a successful and thought-provoking event.

Lecture Announcement and Invitation


Poster Invitation RWD 2017

Prof. Dr. Arjun Appadurai

(New York University)

Magic, Materiality, Media


February 2nd 2017 | 6:00 pm | Audimax in the main building of the Humboldt University Berlin | Unter den Linden 6 | 10117 Berlin


Prof. Dr. Michael Lambek

(University of Toronto Scarborough)

Religion: That Obscure Desire for an Object. Thoughts and Reflections with Michael Lambek


February 3rd 2017 | 6:30 pm | Auditorium of the Theological Faculty (Humboldt University Berlin) | Burgstraße 26 | 10178 Berlin


Funded through the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments as part of the Humboldt-Universität’s Institutional Strategy “Educating Enquiring Minds. Individuality – Openness – Guidance”.


Registration for the public lectures is not required.



The keynote lectures will be held within the scope of the International KOSMOS Workshop “Religion: Bridging Gaps and Breaking Paths - Contemporary approaches towards discourses of religion and knowledge production in transdisciplinary perspective”, organized by the members of the RWD doctoral program (Announcement and further information)